Organic Seeds

Organic Sunflower Seeds

Odino organic sunflower, botanical name Heliantus annuus, is the large-seeded version of our sunflower. In just a few weeks, it develops robust, bright green leaves. With their sweet, slightly earthy flavour, juicy and crunchy texture, you won't be able to do without them in your recipes. IMPORTANT: In order to ensure a good growth rate, these seeds must...
Organic Seeds

Organic Olympo Red Clover seed

Organic red clover seed, botanical name Trifolium pratense, is a popular and widely appreciated variety worldwide due to its fast growth, beneficial properties and crisp taste. Ideal forGarden and Microplants
Organic Seeds

Organic Alfalfa Nola Seeds

Lucerne or alfalfa, botanical name Medicago sativa, is one of the most widely used sprouts in Europe and North America, being very rich in protein and having a delicate, slightly nutty flavour. Ideal forGarden and Microplants
Organic Seeds

Organic Seeds Wheat Grass Risiko

Organic wheat, botanical name Triticum aestivum, is a variety of cereal popular with sprout and microgreens producers because of its characteristics that make it a true superfood. Ideal for Garden, Sprouts and Microplants
Organic Seeds

Organic Mungo Bean Orchid Seeds

Mung beans along with adzuki beans are part of the 'Vigna angularis' family, but compared to adzuki, mung bean sprouts and microplants grow a little faster, taste more umami and are not as sweet, but like their cousins (adzuki) are full of antioxidants and are very satiating, perfect for those who want to lose weight. Ideal for Garden, Sprouts and...
Organic Seeds

Organic Lentils Red Ferrari Seeds

Red lentils, Latin for 'Lens culinaris' have a mild, slightly peppery umami taste and go well with lots of different occasions and dishes. As well as being easy to sprout, lentils also grow very impressively in volume. Ideal for Garden, Sprouts and Microplants
Organic Seeds

Balboa Green Organic Pea Seeds

This pea is slightly sweeter than its yellow counterpart and its colour will fade slightly as sprouting progresses. Ideal forGarden, Sprouts and Microplants
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