Babylon Garden

Babylon Garden, vertical hydroponic system with minimal maintenance for growing sprouts and microgreens developed 100% in Romania.

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Babylon Garden, the place where health is at home

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Babylon Garden, your healthy organic store for homemade sprouts and microgreens.

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Certified organic seeds and 100% negative carbon hemp mats from E.U. farmers.

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Many delicious and healthy recipes with sprouts and microgreens cooked by Babylon Garden chefs.

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Grow your own sprouts and microgreens in your home with minimal human intervention.

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  • Gives you smart growth statuses correlated to seed types, geographic location and weather forecast
  • It helps you manage your stock of supplies (hemp mats, organic seeds) by simply scanning a unique QR-code 
  • Delicious recipes for microgreens and sprouts

Why Babylon Garden ?

We believe that eating healthy and organic should not be a luxury, but a lifestyle accessible to everyone.

After many tests and prototypes we managed to develop an innovative hydroponic system, produced 100% in the E.U at an accessible price to the general public.

You know what you're eating!

Microgreens from organic seeds, with no inorganic nutrients

A fresh salad every day!

Insures 2 times the average national consumption of root vegetables

Fresh every day,

directly from urban farmer, i.e YOU !

A lot of varieties to choose from!

Dozens of seed species

Eat healthy!

Maximum nutrition - up to 40 times more nutritious than conventional vegetables

We know you don't have time

You water once and harvest in 7-12 days


News/ Recipes

Pan-fried potatoes with microgreens

Chef John is with us again to prepare and enjoy together the delicious fried potatoes

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Main dish

Babylon Garden, the perfect Christmas present

Christmas is about giving and buying a Babylon Garden system for your loved ones will make it a memorable gift!

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Salmon with pea sprouts

Chef John suggests a delicious combination of salmon with pea sprouts.

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Main dish
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