For every Babylon Garden system sold we donate 5 hot meals to underprivileged people !

We are delighted to be partnering with the "A Warm Meal" Association, whereby for every Babylon Garden system sold we donate 5 warm meals to disadvantaged people !

What does "A Warm Meal" do ?

"A Warm Meal" is an organization founded in June 2013. A handful of hearty people raised 100 lei, with which 50 warm meals were cooked, at the Social Canteen of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall in Museum Square. Gradually, "A Warm Meal" expanded its activities to other cities: Bucharest, Constanta, Satu Mare, Bistrita, Zalău and Adjud.

The hot meals reach children in day care centres run by other NGOs, residents of adult shelters and vulnerable homeless people.

How do we help the beneficiaries of "A Warm Meal" ?

Through the partnership with, One Hot Meal recipients receive 5 hot meals with every Babylon Garden system sold ! 

In the first month of the partnership we have already donated 465 hot meals, a figure we are confident will not only remain constant but will increase as the number of Babylon Garden customers grows.

Why do we want to get involved ?

Our mission is not only to provide healthy food for everyone at an affordable price, but also to ensure that everyone benefits from quality food, regardless of their financial situation.

Want to get involved ?

In addition to financial donations you also have the opportunity to volunteer and donate your time in the canteens operated by A Warm Meal by filling in the application form here.

I want to be informed about the activities of the "A Warm Meal" Association.

Keep up to date with activities of the Association "A Warm Meal" by visiting the website and Facebook page for the "A Wam Meal (O Masa Calda)" ONG:

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